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In this article you will learn :

  • How to take minutes
  • How to publish minutes
  • How to generate minutes PDF

How to take minutes in Sherpany?

Sherpany Minutes automatically creates, based on your agenda, a minutes template. You can find it on the third tab of your meeting.


When writing the minutes, first set the status regarding the attendance for every attendee of the meeting. The following status are available.

  • Present - the attendee was physically present at the meeting 
  • Remote - the attendee was remotely present at the meeting
  • Excused - the attendee was excused for the meeting
  • Absent - the attendee was (unexcused) absent for the meeting

By default, every attendee has the status ‘Present’. Click on the status for a given attendee to change it.


Simply add the minutes to each agenda item and use the formatting options available. Besides the text for the minutes, also decisions and tasks can be added to each agenda item.

Decisions have a review date and the status can be changed from open to review. Tasks have a due date and the status can be changed from open to done.


Your text for the minutes as well as tasks and decisions are auto-saved every 60 seconds. Check out this article for more inputs on managing tasks & decisions.

How to publish the minutes?

Once the minutes of the meeting are ready to be published, they can be made available to either selected attendees for approval or to all attendees.

The publication options for the minutes are the same as in a meeting. Meaning, the minutes can - if wished - be selectively published and approved or be published for all attendees right away.

You can also notify the attendees that Minutes are available.

How to generate minutes PDF?

Similar to the meeting book, also the minutes can be generated as PDF and downloaded accordingly. When generating the minutes PDF, some details can be defined for the PDF.

  1. Click on the "Minutes PDF" icon
  2. Select agenda item : When generating a PDF, it can be defined which agenda items and therefore minutes are included in the PDF. When the PDF is for example sent to an external group, some agenda items might want to be excluded.
  3. Select signing attendee : Select the attendee/signature that is added on the last page of the minutes PDF.
  4. Click on "Generate PDF". 

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