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Agenda items

In this article you will learn:

  • What is an agenda item 
    • How to create and modify an item and a sub-item
    • What are the types of agenda items
  • What are agenda permissions

What is an Agenda item?

The agenda items are the main components of the meeting agenda. They are numbered and to each item corresponds a duration and time. There are five types of items, which will be described more in details below. 

Create an item

After you created the meeting the first step is to create an agenda item. To do that type the title in the 'Type agenda item and press enter...' space which appears in the agenda and press "enter" or "tab". The number of the item will be automatically set.

To create a sub-item

  1. Move the cursor over the agenda item 
  2. Click on the '+' icon 
  3. Type the title of the sub-item

Modify an Item

If you click on the Agenda item, a side panel will appear. Here you can find all the details. For every change remember to select "Save" at the bottom of the page. 

In this section you can: 

  • Change the title
  • Add a proposal/remarks
  • Define the type
  • Request documents for that item
  • Enter a presenter
  • Modify the duration

You can also request documents, modify the time, the type of the item, and delete it, by clicking to the left side of the item. A panel on the top will appear. You can also select more than one item at the same time.

You can change from a sub-item to a main item by sliding it to the left, as it is showed in the image below. To change it back to a sub-item slide it to the right. 


For the changes to be visible to the meeting participants, remember to click on Publish. If you do not want some members to see these changes yet, you can exclude them from selective publishing.

To delete an item, move the cursor over the agenda item and click on the bin icon.

What are the types of agenda items?

You can choose between five types of agenda items:

  • Information: Choose this item to raise a new topic or share information in the meeting
  • ApprovalTo request a vote about a topic to the participants of the meeting. When you choose an approval item you will have the option to select "Voting" or not. If you want to know more about the voting system, you can read this article.
  • Discussion: To start a discussion on a topic or raise a problem
  • Workshop: Choose this item for an activity or a task to accomplish during the meeting
  • Organisational: For practical information on how the meeting will be organised (e.g breaks)

What are agenda permissions

  • New users added to the meeting will have access to all agenda items, regardless if custom permissions have been set for other users inside the meeting.
  • If a user is excluded from a parent agenda item; they will be automatically excluded from a sub agenda item. This will also clearly be displayed in the custom permission interface and will not change if drag & drop functionality is used unless moved from less restricted agenda item to more restricted agenda item.
  • If the user is excluded from the agenda item, or sub item(s), they will automatically be excluded from the document(s) associated with said items, and this exclusion will be listed in the interface. 

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