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In this article you will learn:

  • What is the Topic Hub?
  • Why the Topic Hub?
  • How to control the permissions?
  • In which bundle is the new feature available?

What is the Topic Hub?

The Topic Hub allows you to do your short- and long-term topic planning directly in Sherpany. 

Instead of keeping cumbersome Word or Excel lists, you collect and manage your topics and those of other meeting participants or proposers directly in Sherpany. 

From the Topic Hub, you can then easily move the topics to the desired sessions and put them on the agenda.

The Topic Hub is available on the web for the time being.

Why the Topic Hub?

The Topic Hub will help you to embrace excellent meetings. The feature will improve your meeting management by:

  • Collecting input/topics for upcoming meetings (across the year)
  • Co-creating of the agenda items
  • Prioritising agenda item
  • Planning agenda items into meetings
  • Making interrelationships between meetings, agenda items, tasks & decisions visible

Requesting agenda items within Sherpany allows you to propose agenda items that can then be scheduled to an agenda directly within the application. 

For meeting organizers this means that requests are automatically centrally saved in a structured way. From there on they are able to process suggestions accordingly:

  • Asking for more information
  • Accept
  • Schedule

With the help of automatic notifications, Sherpany ensures timely and comprehensive communication between the requester and the meeting organizer. The current status of a proposed agenda item is documented and accessible at all times for the involved parties.

How to control permissions?

In order to control permissions on a group level, we introduced the concept of “Requesting Group” and “Assigned Group”.

  • Requesting group: The group where the request is coming from. This is usually a committee or department/division

  • Assigned group: The group where the request is addressed to. This is usually a meeting group.

The requests can be collected by editors of the respective “Requesting Group” or “Assigned Group” and admins.

Editors/group managers and administrators that are part of the assigned group can schedule a request for a meeting.

In which bundle is the new feature available?

The Topic Hub is available with all plans except Board.

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