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In this article, you will learn:

  • What is the pre-reading flag feature,
  • How to use the pre-reading flag feature as an organiser,
  • How to use the pre-reading flat feature as a participant,
  • How to set up the default document setting,
  • Who has access to this feature.

What is the pre-reading flag feature?

Preparation is key to an excellent meeting. Well-prepared participants, who have thoroughly reviewed meeting materials in advance, contribute significantly to smoother discussions and more effective decision-making during meetings. However, for busy leaders juggling multiple meetings and responsibilities, finding time for thorough preparation can be a challenge. 

Our Pre-reading flag feature resolves this challenge by providing clear, intentional guidance on which documents require preparation and which don't, thereby enabling participants to allocate their preparation time more efficiently and effectively.

How to use the pre-reading flag feature as an organiser of the meeting?

Flagging a document as "Requires a pre-reading", "Presented in meeting" or "Optional read".

As a meeting organiser, you can now mark each document attached as an agenda item, which allows you to indicate whether a document requires pre-reading, if it will present during the meeting, or if it is an optional read document for the participants that might want to get additional insights into the topic.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to the Edit mode,
  2. Select a document attached to your agenda item,
  3. You will find an indicator (icon on the document row) for documents that require pre-reading during meeting preparation, are presented in the meeting or are of optional read,
  4. You can edit each document and set the intended preparation expectations.

How to use the pre-reading flag feature as a participant of the meeting?

On the attendee side, participants will notice a yellow tag on documents that need pre-reading (other preparation expectations provide a grey tag), making it easy to identify which materials to focus on.

Please note that the preparedness level considers only those documents marked as "Requires a pre-reading" for the missing reading documents indication and percentage of completeness. To be considered fully prepared, participants must explicitly mark the documents as read— opening them alone is not sufficient. 

How to set up this feature in automatic settings?

As a meeting organiser, you have the flexibility to customize default settings for any new documents you upload to the meeting agenda. To configure default document settings, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your settings,
  2. Select 'Meeting settings,
  3. Choose 'Meeting Document Pre-reading.

With the meeting document pre-reading feature, you can decide the default settings for any document you upload to a meeting. These customised settings will apply to all your future meetings, regardless of the room you have access to. 

Who has access to this feature?

This feature is currently available for early access exclusively to Sherpany Pioneers. Although access is primarily granted to meeting organisers, all participants in the respective meetings can fully benefit from the Pre-reading flag feature, regardless of their Pioneer status.

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