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Contributor function

In this article you will learn :

  • What is the contributors function
  • How to request documents
  • How to know if a document was added by a contributor

What is the contributors function?

With the Contributors function, the Administrator only needs to put in the attendee's e-mail address or even from a non Sherpany user, to collect the required documents. The contributor receives an e-mail notification that opens up a webpage where they can drag and drop their documents. Just like that, they are part of the agenda. No more e-mail exchange. The Administrator can then rename documents or limit access to specific other attendees before publishing the agenda.

How to request documents?

When your agenda is ready, but you need supporting documents from different members, you must:

  1. Select the agenda item where you will need the document to be uploaded to.
  2. Click the button "Request documents" and type-in the email address of the contributor or select an existing member. If you are requesting a file to a user of the same Sherpany Room, you can filter by the name. Otherwise you will need to add the email. 
  3. Click on "Send request" and type-in the mandatory message to send to the contributors.

How to know if a document was added by a contributor?

When the contributor uploaded the document, it will be shown on the agenda item where you requested it. You will see a remark on the document's line indicating that this was uploaded by a contributor and also indicating the contributor's name.

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Contributor function

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