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In this article, you will learn:

  • What is the Selective publishing
  • What are the publication status
  • How to change the selection of attendees
  • How to solve recurrent publication issues reported by the customers

What is the Selective publishing?

This function gives you more flexibility as a User manager, when it comes to publish meetings. Indeed, you can choose between 3 publication status and also choose to whom you want to publish the meeting within the attendees. 

What are the publication status?

When it's time to publish a meeting, three publication statuses are available:

  • Draft: Choose this status, to share the agenda with selected attendees as draft.
  • Review: Choose this status, to get the approval for the agenda from (selected) attendees. The selected attendees can approve the agenda via iOS/Windows App as well as via the web.
  • Ready: Choose this status, to publish the agenda with the status approved.

You can add a note to your publication.


Switching from Ready to Review or Draft will cancel all the votes on the Approval agenda item types

How to change the selection of attendees?

If you need to change the selection of the members to whom the Agenda has to be published, you can do it by:

  1. Clicking on "Publish" on the Agenda view
  2. Clicking on "Next"
  3. Tick or untick the "people to publish to"


How to solve these recurrent publication issues reported by customers:

  • I don't see the meeting
  • I don't see the documents/agenda (with or without error message)

Please acknowledge that if you add or remove members in the "Details" of the meeting, please make sure to check the selection of members in the Selective publishing window, and verify that everybody is selected. The changes of the Details are not automatically reflected on the Selective Publishing.

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