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Sharing the agenda or the minutes as a draft

In this article, you will learn:

  • How can you share the agenda or the minutes as a draft - and optionally request for approval,
  • What are the publication statuses.

What is the "Draft" status ?

By default, when you publish the (agenda or the minutes), it will be available to all the people invited to this meeting. 

However, before sharing the final agenda (or minutes), you have the possibility to share the agenda (or the minutes) in a “Draft” status. If you do so, you can select who the agenda (or minutes) is shared with, by selecting from the invited people.

This is ideal if you would like to share the agenda (or minutes) only with a few people. By using the “Share draft…” workflow, you will be able to select exactly who the agenda (or minutes) should be shared with, and you will also be able to select for each individual if they need to approve the agenda (or minutes) or not. All changes made to the agenda or minutes will be automatically shared, so you don’t need to keep track of shared versions. To share the agenda or the minutes as a draft (or to request Approval), use the “Share draft…” button on the agenda (or minutes) tab and follow the two steps.

What are the publication statuses?

When it's time to publish a meeting, different publication statuses are available:

  • Draft: Choose this status, to share the agenda with some of the invited people as draft.
  • In approval: This is coming as an extension of the "Share draft" status. You can use this status if you would like to request approvals from some of the participants.
  • Published: Choose this status, to publish the agenda to all people invited to the meeting.

You can choose if you want to send an email notification to the people you are sharing the agenda or minutes with by selecting the checkbox “Notify people via email”. If selected, you will be able to enter your own personalised message if you’d like to. The email notification will also include a reminder to approve, if you have selected that you would like the people to submit their approval.

Tip from your support team

You still have the possibility to manage the access to some documents or items if you need to add even more restriction to certain attendees of the meeting, by clicking "manage access" in the options of your item. Learn more about How to manage access in this article.

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