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Minutes Copilot - Microsoft Teams transcripts

In this article, you will learn :

  • What is the Minutes Copilot - Microsoft Teams transcripts feature,
  • Why using this feature,
  • How it works,
  • Who can use this functionality.

What is the Minutes Copilot - Microsoft Teams Transcripts feature?

The Microsoft Teams transcripts integration will allow the meeting editor to access a pre-recorded transcript from the Microsoft Teams video call that supported the meeting.

This will require that:

  • The meeting in Sherpany is set to use Microsoft Teams as a conference call
  • During the meeting, the participants have started the recording of transcripts for the call

If transcripts for the video call are available, the user will be able to open them inside Sherpany, on the Minutes tab, side-by-side with the minutes.

Why using this feature?

The writing of minutes is one of the most important but also challenging and time-consuming tasks of meetings. It is very error-prone, and it can take a long time until all participants agree on the formal meeting outcome.

Having a full transcript of the meeting available side-by-side with the minutes writing, can help a lot reducing errors, not forgetting any relevant detail, and make it faster.

Future improvements of this feature, might include self generated summaries, decisions and action items extractions, which can ultimately fully automate the meeting minutes process.

How does it work?

In the minutes tab on the editor side, the user will have a “Transcripts” button on the top right side. The button will be visible even if the feature is not active, so that the users can easily discover it and know about its existence, and manage to request the activation.

When the meeting transcripts are available, they are displayed on the side panel in chronological order. There can be more than one transcript for each meeting if, for example, the recording was stopped and restarted during the meeting.

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  • This feature requires the use of the Microsoft Teams Transcripts feature. If the feature is not active in your Microsoft account, you can check this article on how to make it available
  • Sherpany application will need organization consent to access the transcripts inside Microsoft Teams. To make this possible, you can check this article.

Who can use this functionality?

For now, this feature will only be available for customers that join the Early Adopters Programme.

The feature will be available for customers in the Early Adopters Programme, and if they also have the Microsoft Teams integration feature enabled from the Digital Champions bundle.

If you want to know more about this program, you can check this page and contact your Sherpany account Manager.

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