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Digital Circular Resolution

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is the Digital Circular Resolution, 
  • How to create a Digital Circular Resolution meeting,
    • Request a vote,
    • Change an approval item,
    • Manage the outcomes.

What is the Digital Circular Resolution (DCR)?

When you create a meeting, you can choose the Digital Circular Resolution type. DCRs are usually used for a series or a single resolution that need to be passed by the board members, without the need for a physical meeting.

How to create a Digital Circular Resolution? 

Start by creating a new meeting from your account, and choose Circular Resolution. 

Make sure you add a title and fill in all the meeting details. 

In the agenda, when you will add the item topic, this will automatically be an approval item. You can add the proposal in the "Description" field. In the details of this agenda item, you can decide if the participants can Abstain or Request a discussion. 

Request a vote
Once the meeting's agenda and details are set, you can request the participants to vote. You will have the possibility to choose the voters from the list of attendees and viewers.

After following the steps to set up the vote, you need to publish the agenda with the status "Ready". The attendees will receive a notification informing them that their vote has been requested. Read this article to know how to vote.

Change an approval item
After you publish the agenda with the status "Ready" the item will be locked, because the request to vote will have already been sent to the attendees.

To modify the "Voters", "Options" and "Activation'' of the approval item you will have to click on "Edit" in the agenda item.


After editing an approval item or adding a new document, you will have to publish again with the status "Ready". 

The Meeting Organiser will have the possibility to edit the setup - even during or after the voting - and without loosing any votes. You can also choose to restart the process of votings.

To generate fewer notifications, the “request to vote” notification to the voters will only be sent out if the voting is active “before” the meeting.

Manage the outcome
Create a decision: For company records, you can create a decision based on the outcome of the vote. You can do that by clicking on the  "Create decision", button below the respective agenda item. You will be forwarded to the Minutes page, where you can write, under "Decision" the final resolution of the vote.

Preview the results: You can find them by following these steps:

1. Go to the meeting agenda, and click on the decision item.

2. Below the respective agenda item, you will have an overview of the result of the vote, with the percentage for each vote. You can also verify which attendees voted what, by clicking "Voting status". If for any reason there are attendees that can't vote, you can vote on their behalf: 

3. Click on "Voting status".

4. On the line of the name of the attendee, click on the pen icon

5. You can now add the vote with a justification and then click on "Set vote".


An email will be sent to the attendees with the confirmation of the vote set by the meeting editor.

Based on these results, you can either "Confirm" or "Reject" the proposal. Once you confirmed or rejected the vote, you will have to publish again, so the attendees will be able to see the results of the vote in the meeting.

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