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In this article you will learn :

  • What is “Meeting preparedness” 
  • How Sherpany can help you with "Meeting preparedness" and why this is important?
  • How is the Progress Bar calculated?

What is "Meeting preparedness"?

As per the Azend® framework, the proper preparation of a meeting during the pre-meeting phase is crucial for a productive meeting. However, as per our hypothesis, many participants do not properly prepare for a meeting, because they:

  • don’t know what to prepare and how long it takes,
  • don’t know how prepared they currently are, and therefore
  • don’t know how much more time they need in order to be prepared.

How Sherpany can help you with "Meeting preparedness" and why this is important?

At Sherpany, we believe that the tasks the meeting participant needs to do in order to properly prepare are:

  • reading comments,
  • reading documents,
  • voting,
  • approval of agenda, and
  • completing contributor requests.

You will now be able to use a progress bar, which will indicate how prepared you, as a meeting participant, are based on the above tasks. We believe that providing a progress bar will make the preparation process more rewarding and therefore, this will helps you to prepare. 


The preparedness status is an individual feature and is not shared with any other users.

How is the progress bar calculated?

To calculate the progress of the preparedness each activity should be counted as 1. This means that regardless if it’s an unread document, vote, comment, approval or contribution these activities should all be counted as 1. If there are for example 1 unread comment, 4 documents, 2 votes and 1 agenda approval, then there will be a total of 8 activities. If 1 of these activities are completed then the participant is 1/8 prepared and the progress bar should reflect this.

Details about comments:  

Unread comments are grouped by agenda item. If there are 5 unread comments for agenda item A and 4 unread comments for agenda item B, this will be 2 tasks (and not 9).

Only comments visible to the user are taken into account - i.e. excluding private comments.

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