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User Provisioning SCIM standard - Technical details you want to know

In this article you will learn :

  • Which version of SCIM is supported in Sherpany
  • Where you can find documentation about SCIM in Sherpany
  • Which ways of authentication are supported for SCIM in Sherpany
  • How you can manage members in different Sherpany’s rooms using SCIM
  • How to setup SCIM with Sherpany

Which version of SCIM is supported in Sherpany?

Sherpany supports SCIM2 (Version 1.x is not supported). 

We don't include in-depth technical descriptions about the SCIM API in general in this document, see the official website for details.

Where can you find documentation about SCIM in Sherpany?

The documentation explaining the details of the Sherpany’s SCIM API can be found on this page.

Which ways of authentification are supported for SCIM in Sherpany?

You can authenticate to SCIM using a Bearer Token in the http header of all requests

Authorization: Bearer <TheToken>

The Token is bound to an Organisation and access is limited to Resources associated with that Organisation.

Sherpany Staff will provide the Token through a secure channel.

It is also possible for the Sherpany Customer to generate the RSA Keypair and use the Private key themselves to generate a RS512 JWT following our guidelines.

This has the benefit that:

  • the Secret Key never has to be communicated (only the public key needs to be sent to Sherpany)
  • the Customer can generate short-lived tokens as needed which mitigates the risk of a token being stolen in-transit

How can you manage members in different Sherpany's rooms using SCIM?

While SCIM allows for being extended through custom Schemas (e.g we could add a Room and Member schema) Sherpany implements standard SCIM Groups API to manage Users in Rooms.

So adding a User to a Group in SCIM will be the equivalent of adding a Member to a Room in Sherpany. 

We don’t allow creating and deleting Groups from your SCIM connector directly in Sherpany so it requires a mapping between Sherpany’s Rooms and SCIM Groups which are part of the initial setup.

If you want to know more contact us

How to set up SCIM with Sherpany?

Procedure for setting up User provisioning with SCIM:

  1. Sherpany creates basic setup and sends secret token to you
  2. You set up SCIM connector 
    • create Groups for each Sherpany room and provide their object IDs to Sherpany
    • add user provisioning (incl. user mapping and group mappings)
  3. Sherpany map Groups with respective Rooms in the application
  4. You add a test-user to the Groups and enable the provisioning. You are now all setup and can start using SCIM in Sherpany

Are you considering setting up SCIM for Sherpany at your organisation?

Simply contact us to get started. Our team is happy to support you.

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