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Single Sign-on (SSO) What, why and how to get started in Sherpany

With SAML Single sign-on (“SSO”), logging in to Sherpany is fast and even more secure. It is also easy to set up and included in the Executive, Enterprise and Premium Plan. Contact us to get started.

In this article you will learn:

  • What is Single Sign-on (SSO)?
  • Why you should set up SSO for your team
  • How to get started

What is Single Sign-on

With Single Sign-on (SSO), Sherpany integrates with your organisation’s identity provider to provide a simple, seamless authentication process and secure login for employees.

There is no need for a username, password or second factor authentication in Sherpany.

What SSO is like for Sherpany users:

  1. User opens Sherpany in a browser, or one of the apps

  2. User enters Sherpany

Why you should set up SSO for your team

Four of the most important reasons to set up SSO for your organisation: 

  1. SSO helps users focus on what matters to them - their work

Creating and keeping track of secure passwords leads to headaches for employees. The frequent logins usually demanded by high-security software are frustrating and distract from the more important demands of employees’ attention - their work. With SSO, users enjoy a highly secure environment without the nuisance of frequent re-authentication pings. 

  1. SSO saves user’s time - and nerves

On average, Sherpany users take 20 seconds to log in to the application. With SSO in place, manually logging in to Sherpany is avoided. These saved moments reduce frustration and add up to increased productivity. Some of our enterprise users are going through the login process up to 50 times per month. Using SSO may save up to 16 minutes. Multiplying that by the total number of users makes the saving for your organization even more significant. 

  1. SSO saves administrators time and expense

Thanks to SSO, password-related queries decline dramatically. 

With just one set of credentials to manage, the number of login and authentication issues are dramatically reduced, which means much less time wasted by IT admins – a benefit that scales with the growth of your organization.

As we all know, time equals money. SSO saves time and therefore saves money.

  1. With SSO, your organisation will be more secure

SSO helps organisations apply all of their established security policies to Sherpany, and enforce better password policies. It eliminates the dangers of password fatigue and reduces a need for unsafe password management strategies. It also reduces the number of attack surfaces because users only log in once each day and only use one set of credentials. 

How to get started: Set up SSO.

Are you considering setting up SSO for Sherpany at your organisation?
contact us to get started. Our team is happy to support you.

For more technical information, take a look at this page.

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