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What is the Compliance Popup

In this article you will learn:

  • What is the compliance popup and applications
  • How to configure the compliance Popup
  • The available configuration

What is the compliance popup and applications

The compliance popup is a disclaimer that can be displayed to the users of Sherpany with content defined by the Enterprise for any information that needs the user consent, such as, security warnings, internal privacy policies, etc.

How to configure the Compliance Popup 

The configuration can be done by Sherpany. The compliance text can be provided to Sherpany Customer Success team who will manage the compliance popup content.

Available configuration

With Sherpany Compliance Popup the following can be defined:
  • Nameto specify the name of the message. It is visible on the user’s consent report;
  • Message: text that the user has to accept in each supported language (english, german, french anc italian). We do support Markdown syntax (CommonMark). Officially supported are headers (#, ##, and ###), next lines, bullet lists ( - ).
  • Display mode : when the popup will be displayed. There are two options:
  • - Show on every login (default value) - the compliance popup will be shown on every user login;
  • - Show if not consented yet - the compliance popup will be shown once until the user accepts it or the message changes (i.e. new version of the text);

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