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User Guide for Single Sign-On (SSO)

In this article you will learn:

  • Why you should use SSO
  • How to use SSO

Why should you use SSO ?

With Single Sign-On, you can use your company's login to enter Sherpany. Therefore, you don’t have to remember a separate password for Sherpany or go through an additional Two-Factor-Authentication. 

Also, re-authentication after inactivity in Sherpany happens automatically with SSO - you don’t have to reenter your login data.

How to use SSO ?

If Single Sign-On is enabled for your company, using SSO is simple.


If you are already logged in to Sherpany, make sure you log out first before you start the process below.

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  1. Open in your browser
  2. Select “Log in with SSO
  3. Enter your email address and select “Log in with SSO”
  1. If you are already logged in to your company's system, you will directly be logged into Sherpany.
  2. If you are not yet logged in to your company's system, you will be guided to the login page of the company's system. There you will have to log in with the login data of your companies user.

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