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Conditional Access

In this article you will learn:

  • What is the Conditional Access in Sherpany? 
  • How to request this functionality.

What is the Conditional Access in Sherpany?

Conditional Access is the right access controls when needed to keep your organization secure.

Sherpany offers an IP-based policy for which Organizations can create trusted IP address ranges that can be used for limiting access to the Web application.

The IP-based policy is restricted to the web environment and does not affect the iOS, Windows 10, or Android native apps. So if a defined static IP address is allowed for access to Sherpany via web environment, access via a native Sherpany app from a different IP address is still possible. 

To be more specific, IP filtering applies to specific rooms. So login will always be possible, but the rooms that are not allowed based on the IP will be shown as blocked in the UI on web. In the native application instead, everything will work without restrictions.

How to request this functionality?

Contact your CSM and provide him with a list of IP addresses or subnets to be allowed to access your Sherpany rooms.

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