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In this article you will learn:

  • How to send an invitation 
  • How to know if a member accepted the invitation  

How to send an invitation?

After you create a new member, by adding all the necessary information, you can click on the "Send Invitation" button. At this point the member will receive an invitation email with a link to register. 

If the member was created but not yet invited his/her name will appear in the section "Draft". 

How to know if the member accepted the invitation?

When a member accepts the invitation his/her name will appear in the section of "All" members and in the list of Editors, Members or Administrators depending on his/her role. 

You can see that the invitation was not yet accepted if in the "Members" page the name of the member appears in the list of "Invited", which can be found on the left panel. Here you can:

  • Verify the list of members who were invited to the room but did not accept the invitation yet
  • Click on the name of the member, to see the date and time of the last invitation. 
  • You can choose to send the invitation again by selecting "Send invitation".


  • The sections "Draft" and "Invited" will not be displayed in the left panel, if in the Room there is no invitation pending or no member in draft. 
  • The invitation will expire after 10 days from when it was sent. If the member didn't accept the invitation in this time, an Administrator can send the invitation again, following the steps above. 
  • If the member hasn't received any invitation, please verify that the email is correct and that the member also checked in the spam folder. In case the member still hasn't receive the invitation, please contact our Customer Happiness team: 

        +41 (0) 44 515 89 60

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