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Assign an assistant to a user

In this article, you will learn:

  • What can assistants do
  • How to assign an assistant to a user
  • Working as an assistant

What can assistants do?

The assistant is a user that will have access to all meetings and documents to which the assisted user is assigned.

They can: 

  1. Create meeting on behalf of the assisted user so that they can create and prepare meetings.
  2. See the same meetings and documents that are shared with the assisted user so that I can prepare the meeting and annotate the documents.
  3. Annotate documents shared with the assisted user, so they can add their notes to a document.
  4. Create agenda item request on behalf of the assisted user, so the request from the assisted user are considered.
  5. Upload library documents on behalf of the assisted user so that they can upload documents requested by the assisted user.
  6. Receive the same notifications as the assisted user.

They cannot:

  1. Vote on voting items on behalf of the assisted user so that only the assisted user vote is considered.
  2. See the tasks & decisions assigned to the assisted user.

How to assign an assistant to a user?

Assistants are “linked” to a user. Once a user is invited or has already registered, you can assign an assistant to him/her, to do so you must:

  1. Select the user's profile you want to add an assistant to
  2. Scroll down and click on  Add Assistant
  3. Fill in the new assistant profile
  4. Invite him/her or save it for later

Warning : an Assistant can be added to a user only after that the user has accepted the invitation and is active.


  • The assistant role is available in the Closed Model rooms 
  • The assistant role can assist a user with restricted permission or a user (but they will only have access to the Attendee View Mode)
  • A user can have several assistants
  • Assistants have the same access of the user they are assigned to
  • An existing user can't be assigned as assistant to another user
  • An assistant can only assist one user

Working as an assistant

When an assistant is using the system, everything that the assistant does is registered as if the assisted person was the one doing it, even though it is the login of the assistant that is doing the action. 

For example, if an assistant is adding a public comment on an agenda item while typing the information the avatar of the assistant is the one that is shown, but after sending the comment the avatar and name registered in the comment are from the assisted person.

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