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In this article, you will learn:

  • How you can join Sherpany and log into your account for the first time,
  • How to log into your account,
  • How to reauthenticate.

How do I join Sherpany and log into my account?

You should have received an invitation email from the administrator of your Room from «».

  1. Click on the "Accept invitation and register" button in the e-mail
  2. If your company has SSO enabled, steps 3 and 4 are unnecessary.
  3. Now you can set your new password


    Please note that the password must have at least one lowercase letter, one capital letter, at least 8 characters, and one number.

    Once you accepted the invitation to join Sherpany, you can download the mobile app on your device, which is available on Apple Store, Microsoft Store, and Google Play.

    If you haven't received any email, please contact the administrator of your Room.

  4. Select which method you want to use as your main authentication method.
    1. SMS code confirmation.
    2. 2FA with Futurae app.
  5. Once you accepted the invitation to join Sherpany, you can download the mobile app.

How do I log into my account?

To log into your account, you will need the email that you used to register and your password. 

You can log into Sherpany on the web from the following main page :

Tip from your support team

We recommend you, once you are logged in the first time, to install Futurae application. This second factor authentication is a safer and faster way to access Sherpany for future logins. 

Get more information about Futurae on this page.

Another authentication method called SSO can be used. If you would like to know more about what is SSO and how to use it, please take a look at this page.

For more meeting management tips, join our Ambassador Program inside the App.

When you log into your account from one of our mobile app, from iPad, iPhone or Windows or Android you will also have to enter a 6-digit passcode. This 6-digit passcode will be the only thing needed to log into the Sherpany mobile app after you entered your email and password once. 

This code and the password are personal, you can change your passcode and reset your password at any time.

How to reauthenticate ?

If you need to reauthenticate, please follow the steps on this page : Why and when I need to provide my password or second factor after I’ve logged in to Sherpany.

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