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The two-factor authentication (2FA) reset

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is the two-factor authentication (2FA) reset,
  • Where you can find this feature.

What is the two-factor authentication (2FA) reset ?

The 2FA reset is an option to trigger an e-mail on behalf of someone, so the user receiving the email will be able to reset their 2FA options. 

This is particular helpful if a user loses their phone number or if they have a new phone that needs to be setup. This email will contain a link where the selected user will be able to start the process of enrolling a new 2FA.

Where can we find this feature ?

This 2FA reset is available on the user editing mode (check this article to know more about how to edit users) and is only available for users that can edit someone else. This means that the user must have a permission that include the user management option - also as known as “admin” in the old permission model.

The 2FA reset link present in the email sent is valid for 1 hour after the email is sent out. After that, the link becomes invalid, and the user manager will need to request a new email by clicking the button again.

After clicking on the link on the email that was received, the person who wants to reset the 2FA needs to add the password for the account. In case you forgot or need to reset the password, please take a look at this article

After adding the password, it will be possible to select which 2FA method they want to set up.

The options for 2FA available (Futurae or SMS code) will depend on what the organisation allows. 

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