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Add documents to the meeting agenda

In this article you will learn:

  • How to add documents to the meeting agenda
    • Upload the documents
    • Allocate the documents to the agenda items
  • How to delete a document from an agenda item

How to add documents to the meeting agenda?

Upload the documents 

The easiest way to add a document to an agenda item is to ''drag and drop'' it directly from your computer onto the respective agenda item. Alternatively you can also click on the respective agenda item (or the chevron on the right) in order to expand it.

Then, you will have two options to upload your documents: 

  • "Drag and drop" option 
  • Browse the file from 'your computer'''.

You can add PDFs and Microsoft Office Documents. MS Office Documents will be converted to PDF so they can be marked and commented on.

Allocate the documents to the agenda items

Once the document is uploaded, you can allocate it to the respective agenda items. Once it's allocated, a letter will be assigned to it. To re-allocate the document you can move it to another item by ''drag and drop''.

Using the ''unallocated documents'' option

In case you didn’t allocate the document in the step above (but used the “Cancel” button after the upload), you can find all uploaded - but unallocated - documents by

  1. Click the button ''Add document'' on one of the agenda items
  2. In the modal, select the tab ''Unallocated documents''
  3. Select the checkbox of the respective document
  4. Click on the ''Add button''


Once your meeting is ready, click on “Publish” to make the meeting available to the attendees. Remember to publish every time you make a change.

How to delete a document from the agenda?

If you want to delete the document from the agenda you can:

  • Single document: Slide the cursor over the corresponding document in the list, click on the icon with the three dots, and select “Delete''.
  • Bulk action: Select one (or more) checkbox(es) on the left side of the document(s). A toolbar with ''bulk actions'' will appear at the top, click on the bin icon. 

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