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Uploading MS Office documents

In this article you will learn:

  • What is the MS Office integration
  • The benefits of this feature
  • Who can use the functionality
  • How can you upload an Office file
  • How can the user download an Office file
  • Our best practices and tips

What is the MS Office integration

The MS Office integration upload MS Office files like Word files (.doc, .docx), Excel files (.xls, .xlsx) and Powerpoint files (.ppt, .pptx).

These files will be automatically converted to the PDF format and you will be able to use them like you already do with any original PDF file (preview, comment, make annotations). 

Please note in the meeting context, only the editor will be able to download the original MS Office files. Other users will only be able to preview it.

The benefits of this feature 

With this feature, you will be saving time: there is no need to convert the files to PDF before uploading them.

Also, because the MS Office file is converted to PDF, you will be able to do with it, everything you do with a file that was originally uploaded in PDF format. 

Finally if the editor needs to make a change in the document (f.e. fixing a typo), he’s not dependent of the author of the file, because he can download the office file, make the change and upload it again.

How can you upload an Office file

Exactly the same way you upload a PDF. 

The upload is also available in the contributor feature, thus contributors can send the files in MS Office format

How can the user download an Office file

On the download button, there will be a dropdown if the file was uploaded in MS Office format, allowing you to choose from downloading the Office original file or the converted to PDF version.

Note that the members will only have access to the PDF version when in a meeting. But in the library, they will also be able to download the original file.

The best practices and tips

How to get a well formatted pdf

Sometimes the conversion from MS Office to PDFs, produces an unformatted output due to Fonts that are being used in the original file and are not recognized by our servers. This is a know topic in many software products that convert MS Office files. To fix the problem, you must follow Microsoft instructions provided on this page and embed the fonts in the original file.

How to format excel sheets 

When importing big excel files, we must take into consideration that the page printing settings of the excel file will determine how the file will look like in PDF. 

Additional information on these Excel features can be found in:


  • The security levels Watermark and Print don't apply to the MS Office version of the file 
  • All other rules of access apply the same way to these files as they apply to PDFs2
  • Limit when it comes to uploading Office Files is 100MB.

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