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Publishing the agenda or the minutes

In this article, you will learn:

  • How can you publish the agenda (or the minutes)?
  • How can you create a meeting without the agenda being visible to all members yet?

What is the publication process ?

The publication of the agenda (or the minutes) agenda allows people, who are added to the list of people in the details tab of that meeting, to see the agenda. You can publish the agenda by clicking on the “Publish…” button. You will also have an overview of who has access to the agenda (or the minutes), be able to choose if to send an email notification or not, and be informed if there are any unpublished changes to the agenda (or minutes). 

Can I create a meeting without publishing the agenda?

Yes. By using the “Share draft…” workflow, you will be able to select exactly who the agenda (or the minutes) should be shared with, and you will also be able to select for each individual if they need to approve or not.

Once the agenda (or the minutes) is in “Published” status and you make any changes to the agenda after publishing, the people in the meeting will still only see the version you published to them previously. You will have to republish the agenda again to reflect the changes. The publish button will turn dark blue, to alert you that there are unpublished changes made to the agenda (or the minutes). You will also see that the status of the agenda (or the minutes) changes to “Unpublished changes”. You can always see when the meeting was last published next to the “Publish…” button in the footer.

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