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User Guide - Windows App

In this guide you will learn:

  • The requirements and steps to install Sherpany 
  • To use the boardrooms
  • To use the general, meeting views, agenda and the library 
  • How to annotate documents and add comments


1. Requirements & steps to download Sherpany

In order to guarantee an impeccable functionality and maximum performance, make sure you have the following:   
  • The latest generation of Windows tablet if possible, with 3G and 128 GB minimum storage
  • The latest version of Windows operating system on your tablet
  • Your device passcode to login on your Windows tablet.
  • Your Microsoft ID to install the Windows app
  • Your Sherpany credentials (username and password)
  • A mobile phone (on which you will receive your security code)
  • A stable and efficient internet connection while synchronising the Windows app, (i.e.) when downloading the updates from your company.

  1. To download Sherpany, tap on the Microsoft Store Icon
  2. Enter the keywords ‘Sherpany’ into the search field in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose ‘Sherpany’. Tap on ‘Install’.
  4. Enter your ID and password and tap ‘Open’. The app is free of charge. 

2. Steps to log in to the Sherpany app 

  1. Insert your credentials: email and password. Tap ''next''.
  2. Enter the security code you receive via SMS. Tap ‘Log In.                                                         
  3. Set up a 6 digit passcode and confirm it.

3. Home screen and general overview

It shows:

  • Your rooms, by one or all your rooms at the same time.
  • Select a room to go through you meetings and documents belonging to that room
  1. With «Update» all your rooms are checked for new meetings/documents and your personal annotations are also stored on the server.
  2. Synchronise your app 
  3. Use the search to find meetings, agenda items, documents names or document content (full text search).
  4. In the help section you can find tips & tricks as well as the contact information for our support team.
  5. In the profile section you can change your account settings and lock the Sherpany app.
  6. In the library you can access the corporate library.

4. Library

The «corporate library» includes company related documents such as statuts, org charts, annual reports etc. 

  • Corporate library: Use the filters for individual sorting of the documents.
  • Labels: Use labels for filtering documents in the corporate library. The labels are created by the administration of each room.

5. Agenda

When opening a meeting for the first time, the meeting details are displayed. On the left hand side the agenda of the meeting is displayed including each agenda (sub-) item and documents. The agenda can be hidden with the agenda hide/view button on the lower left corner.

The agenda items are marked by numbers, while the agenda documents are marked by letters. You can open a document from the meeting agenda by tapping on it. The document appears next to the agenda.


When reading meeting materials to prepare important discussions, a meeting participant can use the comment function to discuss among participants before the meeting takes place. Thanks to this asynchronous process, individual preparation time is used more collaboratively and effectively and the meeting itself can focus on the relevant discussion points only.

When writing a comment, select if you want it to be public or private. By default all comments are public to foster collaboration and transparency. Use the @-sign to mention specific meeting participants in public comments. Doing this will let them know that they have been mentioned.

  1. Click on the comments icon 
  2. Click on the blue plus to add a new comment
  3. Write your comment and mention colleagues by using the @-Symbol. Mentioned colleagues will get a notification about the comment via e-mail.
  4. Edit or delete your comment anytime or add a further comment. Please note, that only the Editors of a meeting can resolve comments.
At the top right you have the book icon that gives you an overview of all personal annotations within the document. 


Public comments are always visible for everyone that is a participant of the meeting and has access to the agenda item/document.

7. Secure Two-Factor Authentication

Do you want to synchronise your app even faster without entering an SMS-code? Activate the two factor authentication on your iOS or Android Phone now and profit from a secure and hands-free login.

Access the settings of the app via the home screen. In the settings, tap on ‘Security’ and afterwards on ‘Set Up Device’. Follow the easy steps shown directly within the app.


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