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E-Mail Notifications for Approval Items

In this article, you will learn:

  • What actions trigger e-mails
  • What e-mails Meeting Participants will receive
  • What e-mails Meeting Organisers will receive

What are Approval Items?

Sherpany allows Meeting Participants to create "Approval" items with voting functionality, either in digital Circular Resolution or regular meetings. This article describes on which events notifications are triggered, once the meeting with Approval agenda items is announced.

E-Mails to Meeting Participants - Publishing the agenda in the "Ready" state: 

As soon as a meeting organiser publishes the agenda, that contains "Approval" items with enabled voting functionality, in the "Ready" state the voting are enabled. At the same time, one notification is sent to each participant that informs them to vote on X items. This notification is only sent the first time the agenda is published in "Ready" state or when new "Approval" items with voting functionality have been added to the agenda and published.

E-Mails to Meeting Organisers - Daily Updates: 

As long as the voting is open, Meeting Organisers will receive a daily summary e-mail for each meeting that has active voting. In the email, the Meeting Organisers will see the progress of the voting and who hasn't voted yet.

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