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Daily Digest (email notifications)

In this article you will learn:

  • What is the Daily Digest email
  • How to receive the Daily Digest

What is the Daily Digest email?

The Daily Digest email is a daily sum up of all the individual email notifications you would regularly receive, combined into one email. These are also stripped of identifiable data, meaning if you have security concerns about data sent via email, the digest is a good solution to protect your data. 

You can choose to receive the Daily Digest individually for meetings, voting, comments, tasks and decisions and the topic hub.

How to receive the Daily Digest?

In the Sherpany web app, navigate to your settings and click on the notifications tab. By switching on the Notifications you will enable the digest email for each room's activities daily, and by switching it off you will receive the email notifications as soon as possible. 



Administrative notifications are not included in the Digest Email, and are sent right away to ensure that your action is taken. The notifications not included in the digest are:
- System notifications (i.e. Password reset, invitation acceptance),
- Notifications triggered consciously by the admin (i.e. Library notification, meeting notification)

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