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Confidential mode

In this article you will learn:

  • What is the confidential mode?
  • What is not excluded?
  • How is it activated?

What is the confidential mode?

Confidential mode was designed for organisations who have highly sensitive content in their meetings, which they prefer not to be shared via email, or their company security policy prohibits it. 

When activated, sensitive content is removed and users will still be able to receive email notifications, to prompt users to action and help them to have more excellent meetings, spurring them to action before, during and after meetings.

Without the confidential mode:

With the confidential mode:

What is not excluded?

Meeting titles, attendee names, group names are not considered confidential, and are not excluded from the email notifications.


Notifications sent to external users via email, do not have sensitive content removed

How is it activated?

This feature is available to organisations with an extension for the financial services bundle, and can be activated on a room or organisation level. 



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