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In this article, you will learn :

  • How to generate a meeting book PDF,
  • The exceptions to know.

How to generate a meeting book PDF?

The meeting book includes, the details of the meeting, the agenda and the documents. If you need to keep a digital record of all the meeting books, you can, from the participant view:

  1. Go to the agenda of the meeting,
  2. Click on the icon on the bottom of the page  followed by "Meeting book".

This will automatically start the download of the PDF on your browser (you can be requested to allow the download from this one). This step can take some time depending on the quantity of documents in the agenda.


If you are the Admin of the meeting, you can also download the meeting book from the edit view of the meeting with the same icon.

The exceptions to know: why can't I download the Meeting book?

  • For security reasons, the meeting book can't be generated in iOS, Android, or Windows apps as no file can be downloaded from the Sherpany app on tablets or mobile phones. You can still access Sherpany from the web on those devices and download document from there.
  • It is not possible to download password-protected PDFs into the meeting book. Why? To open a password-protected PDF, you need to manually provide a password when you open it, which is not needed for the meeting book document and so, not compatible.
  • The meeting book will be enabled only if documents are present in the agenda. Indeed, if no documents are present in the agenda, the option to download it will not be available. 

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