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What is the Radar view?

In this article you will learn :

  • What is the Radar view?
  • Why using this feature?
  • What the Radar view highlights?

What is the Radar view?

The Radar view is a landing page that will provide a 360º view over the entire Sherpany world, providing relevant insights to the user on what action items are still pending his action.

Why using this feature?

To get insights on everything you have to do, once logged in, you may need to go through several areas of the application.

This can take some time and lead to missed items because the information is not concentrated in one single place.

What the Radar view highlights?

The Radar view will enable you to focus on what is most important and urgent, requiring your attention in one single place, enabling a more efficient use of Sherpany in the meeting management world. 

The radar will highlight:

  • Past meetings with pending actions on minutes approval and feedback;
  • Future meetings with pending agenda reviews, pending votes and incomplete preparedness;
  • Unread documents in future meetings;
  • Unread comments with priority for where I am mentioned. 
  • Open Tasks that are assigned to me.


For any of the presented action items, the user will be able to click and jump directly to the detail of the item where the action is needed.

The Radar view is available currently to all Windows users.

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