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In this article you will learn:

  • What is the Meeting Feedback Form 
  • The Meeting Lead Role in Sherpany
  • How the Feedback can help you improve your meetings
  • How to enable the Meeting Feedback Form and how it works 
  • 5 Minutes Reminder

What is the Meeting Feedback Form ?

The feedback form allows Participants at the end of the meeting to provide anonymised feedback to the Meeting Lead. This feedback will only be shared with the Meeting Lead and helps to improve future meetings.

The Meeting Lead Role in Sherpany

The Meeting Leads have been identified as a strategically important meeting role. 

The Meeting Organisers will be now able to select one of the attendees to be the Meeting Lead. The Meeting Lead dropdown will only appear, once at least one attendee has been added. This is an optional field.

The Meeting Lead will be marked respectively :

  • On the attendee view: On the list of attendees of the agenda.
  • On the attendee view: On the list of attendees of the minutes.
  • On the admin/editor view: On the list of attendees on the minutes tab.
  • On the Agenda PDF.
  • On the Meeting Book PDF.
  • On the Minutes PDF.

Please Note

The order of the attendees is not changed - still descending by last name; in any of the native apps (iOS, Windows, Android).

How the Feedback can help you improve your meetings ?

An anonymised and personal feedback is valuable for the Meeting Lead, it allows you to improve incrementally and  to measure progress towards excellence.

The participants are feeling heard. Experiencing improvements in meetings is motivating - and contagious.

Systematic meeting feedback fosters an overall context based, real-time feedback culture in organisations. Done well, it increases productivity of meetings and therefore overall productivity. It also allows to compare meeting quality across levels and departments.

How to enable the Meeting Feedback Form and how it works ?

  1. The feedback by the meeting Participants is anonymised and will only be shared with the Meeting Lead, this will lead to more honest and meaningful feedback. The form will therefore only be enabled for meetings, where a Meeting Lead is selected. You can disable/enable the form for the respective meeting by selecting "on"/"off".
  2. After turning off (or on) the Feedback Form 3x in a row, a pop-confirm (small modal) will appear to turn it off (or on) per default for all new meetings.
  3. The Meeting Lead will have an indication of completed Meeting Feedback Forms on the meeting overview (tiles) on the attendee view. It will also include a blue dot / indication of new feedback.
  4. The feedback form consists of 8 predefined “quick answers” (4 compliments & 4 concerns), but also free text fields. The “quick answers” are quick to answer, but meaningful at the same time.
  5. If at least one Meeting Feedback Form has been completed, you, as a Meeting Lead, will be notified via email - 24 hours after the meeting.
  6. As the feedback is personal for the Meeting Lead, any existing feedback will be deleted, when the Meeting Lead is changed or the feedback is disabled.

5 Minutes reminder

The 5 minutes reminder is a a pop up reminder that is displayed to all meeting Participants 5 minutes before the end of the meeting. In case the Feedback Form is enabled, the pop up will include a link to navigate directly to the form.

This option will give higher chance to your participants of remembering to complete the Meeting Feedback Form.

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