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In this article, you will learn :

  • What is the Early Adopters Programme,
  • Which features are involved,
  • What are the required conditions, 
  • What are the benefits,
  • The Infrastructure in use,
  • How it works,
  • Why do we need a signed agreement?

What is the Early Adopters Programme?

Sherpany is currently working on the development of several AI-supported features to improve efficiency and effectiveness around meetings. The Early Adopters Programme allows our users to try these features in early stages of development, before they are made officially available, and help Sherpany shape the future of the product.

Which are the features involved?


The list of features is not yet settle, and neither are the dates when each of these feature might become available. The list below are just a few possible examples, but not a commitment or roadmap from Sherpany side.

  • Document Copilot - An AI Chatbot capable of providing document summaries using on-premisses LLM (Large Language Model), that is also able to answer user questions about the document using natural language.
  • Minutes Copilot - The ability to record and generate meeting transcripts, that can be summarised and have action items automatically extracted to be included in meeting minutes and their tasks.
  • Agenda Copilot - An AI virtual assistant to the organiser that helps to craft the excellent meeting agenda, using meeting best practices
  • Search Copilot - A smart search capable of answering questions in natural language, based on the data the user has access, instead of just providing a list of results. This copilot could also provide links to previous discussions on the same topic the user is looking at (f.e. a meeting document shows insights with links to previous meetings, tasks, decisions on the same topic).

Which are the required conditions involved?

During the Early Adopters Programme we plan to test the features value to our users, and we are including the following access conditions for the customers that want to participate:

  • Enrolling at least 5 users in the program to test and provide feedback on the available features.
  • Have a participation on at least one customer interviews call for each of the users participants in the programme.
  • Sign an agreement to allow us to use a different infrastructure to run large language models.
  • Pay 20 Sherpany Credits to start the program (free for Premium plan customers).

Which are the benefits?

When enrolling in the program, our customers have the following benefits

  • Unlimited access for all organisation users to use all Artificial Intelligent supported features, during the time of the Early Adopters Programme (future commercial access conditions to these features are still to be defined).


Please note that some of these features might require our customers to have specific plans or bundles to use them. f.e., the minutes copilot feature might require the customer to have access to the Microsoft Teams integration feature included in the Digital Champions bundle.

  • For the first 10 customers joining the programme, we will not charge the 20 Sherpany credits mentioned above
  • The customers enrolling the programme will have a direct communication channel with the Product Manager responsible for these features. This will allow the customer to provide feedback and a chance to influence the product and Sherpany Roadmap around these features

The infrastructure in use

For these features to work, we need to use specific infrastructure more capable of processing very demanding requests and run large language models that can interpret and provide summaries or answers to specific questions on uploaded documents. 

The provider for this service will be Exoscale, based in Switzerland, and we will be using the CH-GVA-2 datacenter mention here.

How does it work?

In our implementation, no data will be stored at rest in this new provider. Their services are provided in a stateless way, no data is persisted in any way or used for model training. The Large Language Model that will process requests is fully deployed and managed by Sherpany alone.

For example, when a user asks for a summary of a document or asks a question about that document, the following steps are taken:

  1. The document is processed and transformed in an isolated vector database, which is encrypted and stored on Sherpany side.
  2. The relevant information to answer the user request is sent to the large language model, which is owned and managed by Sherpany, and only hosted on Exoscale. This happens in memory and no data is persisted locally.
  3. The large language model that is running on Exoscale side, provides the output and all input and output data is lost.
  4. Sherpany receives the output from the Large language model and sends it to the user.

Why do we need a signed agreement?

Although all security and compliance requirements are meet by Exoscale, just like they are with our current infrastructure provider, this is still a new supplier which is not mentioned in our existing contracts.

We are not using this new supplier with any customer that is not joining the program. For the joiners of the program, only the AI feature will partially use the new supplier. All existing data and features are still supported by the previous suppliers.


If you want to know more on how to get into this programme, please contact your Sherpany account manager.

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