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In this article you will learn :

  • What's in your settings
    • Profile
    • Notifications
    • Security
    • Login history
    • Sherpany Ambassador
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What's in your settings? 

Once you're logged into your Sherpany account, you will be able to access and change some settings.


The profile tab includes:

  • Picture
  • Full name
  • Language of Sherpany

To change any of those infos you must click on the "Edit" button and then "Save"


In the the notifications tab you have the option to manage your subscription to the Daily Digest email. 

The Daily Digest email is a daily sum up of all the individual email notifications you would regularly receive, combined into one email. These are also stripped of identifiable data, meaning if you have security concerns about data sent via email, the digest is a good solution to protect your data.


The security tab includes:

  • Secured Two-Factor authentication registered devices: from there you will be able to remove your device from Futurae app
  • Change password: easily change your password account by clicking on "Edit" and then "Save"


    Changing your password will affect all the devices, so you will need to log out of your apps to login again with the new password

  • Your devices: here you will see the history of all the devices from which you once logged in and will be able to revoke the access in case of broken or stolen device, suspicious device or orphaned device.

Login history

This tab lists all the connections made with your account

Sherpany Ambassador

This tab allows you to enable or disable the Sherpany programs: Ambassador and/or Pioneer

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