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In this article, you will learn:

  • Where you can find the information about the meeting
  • Where you can find the rooms you are part of
  • How you can view the meeting for next month, week or year 
  • How to return to the timeline from the meeting overview

After logging in you will see the Timeline, which shows all of your meetings. 

In the timeline view, each meeting includes the following information: 

  • The meeting name 
  • The room the meeting belongs to 
  • Date and time of the meeting
  • Number of comments/documents marked with a blue bubble if unread

You can find more details on how to navigate through it, or on how to change the room for each device below. 


If you are using Windows or Android, you can refer to the iOS page below

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Where do I see all the rooms I am part of?

To get to the side panel overview of all your rooms, select the three lines at the top left. 

How can I view the meeting of next month, week or year?

To view past and upcoming meetings you can navigate through the timeline in the participant view. You can switch the view to daily, weekly or quarterly. If you select the button "Today" you will find the meeting set for today.

How do I return to the timeline from the meeting overview?

If you select a meeting you will have the overview of the Agenda to the left. To go back to the meeting overview, select "Meeting" at the top right.

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