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In this article, you will learn:

  • What is the Document Copilot feature,
  • Why use the Document Copilot feature,
  • How does this feature work,
  • Data processing,
  • Early Adopters Programme.

What is the Document Copilot feature?

The Document Copilot is an AI supported feature, using LLM (Large Language Models) to allow the meeting participant to have a meeting document summary quick and easy to read. 

Why use the Document Copilot feature?

The goal of this feature is to support participants during meeting preparation. With the Document Copilot, you can more easily digest large documents that can be sometimes time-consuming to read. The participant can now create a quick summary and be able to get quick answers to simple questions on it: the user can quickly get a high level understanding of the document and decide where to invest more time. 

Improving meeting preparation quality can also increase the number of participants that get prepared before the meeting. This should also reflect on the percentage and engagement of participants before the meeting

How does the Document Copilot feature work?

On the view mode of the meeting, when a document is open, the user can see a floating button on the bottom right to open the chatbot. Opening this bot will provide a modal where you can select one of four different types of summaries:

  • Long summary - Approximately 500 words
  • Short summary - Approximately 50 words
  • Bullet-point summary - A maximum of 10 bullets
  • Action item summary - All action items extracted

You can also type a question in natural language to get an answer from the chatbot using the context of the document.


The feature will be available in the meeting documents with PDF format (or MS Office converted to PDF) and is not available on password-protected PDFs.

Data processing

  • This AI model is used only temporarily to process the user questions and doesn’t record any client data. The client data used to provide the answers, exists only for a few seconds in this model, it is encrypted in transit and is never persisted outside the usual database.
  • This feature uses Generative Artificial Intelligence in the form of a Large Language Model. However, we are not using ChatGPT from OpenAI or any other kind of external cloud service. We are using open source models that run inside our own infrastructure, and therefore, we are not exposing our client data to external entities for data processing.
  • We are not using the documents to train our AI Model: the model has no memory to remember what it processed and answered about any document and data is not leaked between different users, not even between users from the same organisation.

Early Adopters Programme

For now, this feature will only be available for customers that join the Early Adopters Programme.

If you want to know more about this programme, you can check this page and contact your Sherpany account Manager.

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