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Add a new member to past meetings

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  • How to add a new member to past meetings

Add a new member to past meetings

Members have no access to past meetings unless you add them manually to each meeting as an attendee or a viewer.


Make sure that the member you are adding to a past meeting is not part of any group. If he/she is already part of a group, you need first to remove him/her from that group. To do so, please follow the steps illustrated in the specific articles to know how to edit the member profile or how to manage groups.  

You can add a member to a meeting by following these steps : 

  1. Go on the meeting where you want to add the member 
  2. Click on "Details" and add the member to the attendee or the viewer list and click on "Update"
  3. Select the member also in the Selective Publishing
  4. Publish the agenda 

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