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In this article, you will learn :

  • What is Global Search
  • How to use Global Search
  • What are the limitations of Global Search

What is Global Search?

The Global Search feature is a search engine within the Sherpany environment that provides dynamic, object-specific, or cross-object results.

Searches can be executed on a single area as well as multiple areas.

This allows the user to search for specific words or phrases throughout Sherpany and find results across all the rooms, meetings, meeting documents, and library documents that the user has access to. 

How to use Global Search

The Global Search function is available from the Web as well as the App, and can be used in both attendee view and editor view.

Web App

To start a Global Search:

  1. navigate to the top right of the screen and click on the search bar
    Editor view

    Attendee view
  2. type the specific word or phrase you want to search for
  3. begin the search by pressing the "enter" button

You can refine the search results by changing tabs to search for meetings or documents. Likewise, you can filter your search by specific rooms and groups.

By deselecting "Search inside documents" at the top right, the search will no longer include results from words and phrases inside documents.


You will only be able to see results based on your access. If you are not an admin of the room, participant of the meeting or do not have permissions to see the documents, you will not see these in the search results.

What are the limitations of Global Search?

The Global Search function is not able to show results from Topic Hub, comments or Tasks and Decisions. The search is also unable to show results regarding password-protected files.


Newly uploaded content can take up to 30 Minutes before it becomes available for search.

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