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The Excellent Meeting Journey

What is an Excellent Meeting?

A meeting’s success is determined before it has even started. Let's discover the three phases and 22 touch points of the Excellent Meeting Journey. It will help you to have better meetings, and achieve more as a result.

Pre Meeting

A meeting’s success is determined before it has even started. Whilst this appears abstract at first, it pertains to the importance of the pre-meeting phase in securing the success of the entire meeting process. In fact, the pre-meeting stage makes 80% of a meeting’s success. Below the eight touch points before the meeting.

  • Confirm meeting need
  • Start with why
  • Craft the agenda
  • Invite and accept intentionally
  • Gather and share relevant information
  • Prepare individually
  • Collaborate asynchronously
  • Prepare to conduct: calm guidance

During the meeting

Much like a great orchestral performance, the in-meeting phase is where people come together to perform and turn the meeting plan into tangible outcomes.


  • Welcome before opening
  • Check in
  • Start with the purpose
  • Conduct through agenda items
  • Start with the question
  • Engage in discussion
  • Share understanding of the question
  • commit on action & decisions
  • Summarize key takeaways

After the meeting

The final phase of the meeting process is all about the communication and distribution of the meeting outcomes.  

Below the five touchpoints after the meeting phase:

  • Give Meeting Feedback
  • Check out 
  • Finalize Minutes
  • Communicate Outcomes
  • Share Feedback

Want to learn more?  

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