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Onboarding Guide for Meeting Participants

After reading this article and doing the short exercises, you will be able to:

  • Use the meeting overview
  • Create annotation and comments
  • Use the library

Use the meeting overview

In the meeting view (first blue icon on the left), you will have access to your dashboard with a calendar.

The calendar can be filtered by:

  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Quarter

Already on the meeting tile you can clearly see the number of:

  • Documents. The purple dot stands for unread elements.
  • Comments. The purple dot stands for unread elements.

Create annotation and comments

Sherpany offers you 2 options to get ready before your meetings:

  • Private annotations
  • Comments (private and public)

The annotations

The annotations are private. You can, in any colours:

  • Draw
  • Highlight
  • Use the text function

You can easily see the history of all your annotations thanks to a global view

During the meeting, you don't need to search for your annotations, but you can find them in the convenient list view. 

The comments

Sherpany offers you the option to prepare with comments:

  • Public
  • Private

The public comments are similar to asking a question during the meeting. All the members will see it. With Sherpany it happens already before the meeting. Only @ mentions & Editors are notified. 

The private comments notify only the recipients.


Now try to create a private annotation, and a private test comment to one or more people of your choice. 

How to navigate between the agenda

 The first button at the bottom left allows you to have a view without the agenda.

 The second button on the right allows you to access to the comment area. 

Use the library

It is separate from the meetings and contains standing reference documents you might want to use in relation to a meeting preparation. It acts as "useful bookshelf" of reference documents. You can look for the documents by: 

  • Unread
  • Recently added
  • Recently viewed
  • Favourites
  • Labels created by your admin/editors


All filters and labels can be freely combined with each other to allow an even more effective search. 


Now, try to have a look at the documents in the library.

Use the search icon at the top right to access full text across your entire Sherpany content. The search term is also looked up inside your documents. (authentication needed).

  Our support team

Feel free to get in touch for any question you may have with our friendly Customer Support Engineers. They are available in English, German, Italian and French via:

  • Chat
  • Email
  • Phone


Sherpany offers you the option to work with the App. You can with this option work offline. Download Sherpany on:

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