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Create and edit annotations

In this article you will learn:

  • What is the Annotation function
  • How to use it in Web, iOS, Android and Windows: 
    • Create annotations
    • Delete annotations
    • Find the annotation overview

What is the Annotation function?

This feature allows you to add annotations to a document from a meeting or the library. The annotations are personal, so only visible to the user who created them. Different tools are available to add and modify the personal annotations.

Annotations added in the web environment are automatically stored, and they will be available across platform, for iOS, Android and Windows. Any change made on the web environment will erase the annotations made on the applications, independently of the device, if the application was not synchronised before.  

How to use it?

Web iOS AndroidWindows

Create annotations

To start annotating your document, start by going to the meeting or the library and choose the document you want to annotate.

At the top of the page you will find all the tools available, to which you can change the color, size, opacity: 

  • Highlight:  
  • Text:  
  • Sticky note:  
  • Markers: 
  • Eraser:  

Delete annotations 

To delete the annotations you have different options: 

  1. Use the eraser, that you can find in the toolbar at the top of the page, and erase the part
  2. Select the part you want to delete, and click on the  icon, at the top right
  3. From the annotations overview, next to the annotation you want to delete select the bin icon

Annotations overview

You can find the overview of all the annotations in your document, divided by page, by selecting the icon, at the top left of the screen under the Thumbnails. Select an annotation to be redirected to the desired page.

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