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Synchronise Sherpany app

In this article, you will learn:

  • Why is it important to synchronise your app
  • How to synchronise step by step
  • What are the issues related to synchronisation
Why is it important to synchronise?

The synchronisation is an essential step to use the Sherpany app on a tablet or phone. Technically, synchronising the app allows collecting the data that is stored on the server (on the web) in order to have all the meetings, documents and other information up to date. It also allows you to have all your meetings and documents for offline use (f.e.g.: during travels).

But it also works the other way around, when working on a tablet, for example when preparing the meeting using the annotations, it is necessary to synchronise in order to save the changes on the server. Otherwise, the changes are only saved on the device and if there is an issue with it, all changes will be lost.

How to synchronise step by step?
  1. Log in to your Sherpany account on your tablet
  2. In the top right corner you will see the icon for synchronisation, click on it
  3. You have to re-authenticate if your session has expired
  4. Type it in your device to allow the synchronisation
  5. You will see a countdown of the data to update

After the update is complete, the day when the update has been done is saved and showed next to the icon, so you always know when you synchronised the app the last time.


Synchronisation requires a good and stable internet connection. Specially if there is a great amount of data to update in your Room. It can also be slower depending on the speed of the internet connection.

In some cases where the synchronisation would not be enough, we even recommend doing a full refresh of the data. To do so, you can go in the Settings > Application > Refresh data.

What are the issues related to synchronisation?

There are some issues that can be related to a missing synchronisation:

  • No meeting in the Room
  • Upcoming meeting missing
  • No document in the Library
  • Annotations made on the web app are missing
  • Annotations made on my tablet are missing in web app
  • App deleted from the tablet and annotations made on the device got lost


If you try to synchronise your app, but it is not working because you don't receive any security code via SMS, you can take a look at this solution: SMS security code not received.

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