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The side-by-side Notes

In this article you will learn:

  • What is the side-by-side Note feature?
  • Why use the side-by-side Note?
  • For whom and why is this helpful?

What is the side-to-side feature?

With this model, you will be able to use the My Meeting notes area, side by side with any meeting document or with the agenda item. This will allow you to see and write notes at the same time you are looking at the specific meeting content you want to prepare.

Why to use the side-by-side feature?

With this feature, we let you the possibility to make notes across the entire meeting.

Before, the notes taking was not very easy to use, because you could only have one thing open at each time: An agenda item, a document, or notes. 

With this change, the meeting notes can be accessed at the same time you have an agenda item or a document open, making it easier to use it and access the notes in context with the content you relate to.

For whom and why is this helpful?

Side-by-side notes are helpful for meeting leaders when they want to prepare the flow of the meeting. They can keep a full overview of the agenda and materials and take notes on the meeting as a whole.

You can also combine annotations on individual documents with side-by-side notes


The side-by-side notes feature is an improved version of My meeting notes.

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