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Running Remote Meetings in Sherpany

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is Sherpany Meet
  • Why use Sherpany Meet
  • How to use Sherpany Meet
  • Remote meetings in Sherpany (Introduction video) 
    • How to use the Conference Call meeting type for remote meetings
    • How to administer remote meetings with Sherpany
    • About security practices when using video conferencing software
    • The advantage of using Sherpany on a tablet and having a conference call on a computer

What is Sherpany Meet?

Sherpany Meet is the audio/video calling functionality in Sherpany. 

Why use Sherpany Meet?

  • Integrated in-meeting experience
  • Virtual Presence
  • Trust & security

Integrated in-meeting experience

Using Sherpany Meet, meeting participants benefit from an integrated in-meeting experience. Together with Calendar Integration, users can get to Sherpany with one click. Meeting agenda, documents, audio/video calling, following the content of the meeting (with the help of the Presenter Mode) - all of this in one application and one browser window.
→ This provides a full focus on the meeting and empowers participants to actively participate, take part in discussions towards decisions and therefore make the meeting count

Virtual Presence

Audio/Video Calling makes remote attendees feel present during the meeting. Video calling helps the meeting lead to “read the (virtual) room” and supports all participants in transmitting emotions, active listening. All of this improves communication during the meeting, which is a cornerstone for excellent meetings. 

Trust and security

Sherpany Meet is fully hosted on the existing, secure Sherpany infrastructure of Switzerland. Your audio/video data is neither recorded nor stored.

How to use Sherpany Meet?

  1. Select the meeting you want to attend in the meeting overview page. Click to enter. 
  2. Click on ''Join meeting''. 
  3. Click on ''Start video call''. You are now in the call. To leave click at the top left on ''Leave meeting''. 
  4. Sherpany Meet (web) vertically adds video tiles on the right side of the screen.The speaker's tiles will be circled in green so you always know who is currently speaking during the meeting. Your tile will stay at the top. 

Remote Meetings in Sherpany

Whether its Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet or Zoom setting up remote meetings is often a source of confusion and frustration: Lost and outdated agendas, missing links and phone numbers.

Sherpany puts all of the information in one place. No more searching and it's always up-to-date. Use the Sherpany Conference Call meeting type and get time back.

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