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Minutes and Tasks & Decisions

In this video, you will learn:

  • Who can take minutes in Sherpany
  • Where the minutes' tab is located
  • How to take minutes in Sherpany
  • How to assign tasks and decisions
  • How to get minutes approved
  • How to download minutes to PDF
  • How to check on tasks and decisions

Quick Start for Sherpany Meeting organisers

The Minutes Module is a core component of Sherpany's end-to-end meeting management solution. The Minutes structure accurately mirrors the agenda and saves the minutes-taker time while allowing them to be more present in the meeting. Approval of the minutes happens inside Sherpany shortly after the meeting, eliminating the need for e-mails and numerous versions of the minutes that need to be reconciled. All of this leads to more accountability, better governance and the ability to execute on strategy faster.

Please Note:

Only users with the Admin or Editor role can take minutes. To do so, they must be in the Editor View.

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