In the Sherpany Boardroom App the most common ERROR Messages that can occur are:




No Internet Connection

  • No internet connection or connection deactivated

  • Check your internet connection

Error - Would you like to connect to the server?

  • There is an active WLAN-Connection but the User is not correct connected

  • The connected WLAN does not allow to connect with

  • Test whether your connectin is active, e.g. by visiting a random website

  • Connect to another WLAN Network

Boardbook not completely synced yet

  • Sync was aborted by User

  • Sync was interrupted (e.g. because of bad connection)

  • Boardbook is not available on the servers or not released for User

  • Try again, maybe trough another internet connection

  • If still not working, contact the Sherpany Support Team

Empty Boardbook - This boardbook does not contain any documents

  • Basically more of a information than an Error

  • If a meeting consist only of agenda points without any documents assigned, this message appears

No room assigned - please contact your administrator

  • The User could not be assigned to a Boardroom

  • Contact your Administrator to check whether you are assigned correctly

  • If yes, contact the Sherpany Support Team