1) please check whether you have a good internet connection. We suggest using a fast and stable internet connection, preferably no mobile data connection.

2) check whether the document (or a batch of documents) to upload is bigger than 100 MB. If this is the case, please divide the document (or the batch of documents) into smaller segments and upload one part after the other.

3) check the filename of your document for special characters, which are not allowed in the Sherpany Boardroom due to security reasons:

  • ;

  • >

  • $

  • *

  • =

4) check whether you use a compatible browser. Sherpany suggests to use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer (Version 11 or newer).

5) Please make sure that your documents do not include any password or editing-protection

6) check whether it is possible to upload documents from another computer in order to exclude internal restriction reasons which might concern your computer only.

If the upload is still not possible please contact the Sherpany Support Team.