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Role of Contributors

In this article, you will learn:

  • What the Contributor Role is
  • Why the Contributor Role is important
  • What permissions the Contributor has
  • How to create a Contributor

What is the Contributor Role?

The Contributor Role can be assigned to a user within Sherpany. This role is used for the Topic Hub.

Why is the Contributor Role important?

Contributors deliver material to the Topic Hub and ensure that informational or approval items are included in the agenda.

What permissions do Contributors have?

Contributors only have access to the backlog in Topic Hub, and can:

  • Create an agenda item request
  • Edit an agenda item request
  • Duplicate an agenda item request
  • Delete an agenda item request before it has been scheduled
  • Access all agenda item requests they have created


Contributors do not see the meeting view, tasks & decisions or the library.

How to create a Contributor

Creating a contributor is done in the same manner as creating any other user.

In the Member area of your account you have an overview of all the members, editors, administrators and assistants who are part of your room.

  1. Click on "+ New user"
  2. Enter the user's e-mail
  3. fill in all required fields, indicated with an asterisk
  4. Choose "Contributor" as the role
  5. Send the invitation or create and invite the user later


You can decide to either invite a member immediately, or save it as a draft and send the invitation later. If you click on "Invite" the new member will receive an email with an invitation link

Alternatively, you can also create a Contributor by changing an existing user's role by:

  1. Select the member you want to modify, a side panel will appear
  2. Click on theicon at the top left of the panel
  3. Under "Roles" change the role to "Contributor"
  4. Click on "Save" to save the changes made 

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